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About Company

UMS Company produces boats and powerboats under the trademark «TUNA» as well as boat trailers and other products, and has been successfully conducting the activity on the motorboat equipment market since 2000.

Currently «TUNA» and «UMS» boats and boat trailers are exploited in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Georgia, Ghana, Libya and other countries.

UMS Company regularly updates its model range, increases the output volumes and invariably improves the performance of its products. A stable growth in the output volume as well as expansion of product range became possible due to the powerful manufacturing and technical potential of the company. Since its inception, the company puts emphasis on the use of its own technical developments as well as on the creation of the most complete cycle of its own production.

The «TUNA» boats and powerboats construction is a heavy-duty welded hull made of aluminum-magnesium alloy grade 5083. All our manufactured boats are unsinkable. Unsinkable hull is ensured by the filling of inter-hull and bilge space with a special marine two-component polyurethane foam. On the buyer's choice, the cockpit can be with aluminum finishing, as well as papered with a marine vinyl and carpeting, or it can be fully covered with a fiberglass.

Serial production of boats and powerboats includes a wide model range: from a simple 4-meter jon boat up to dynamic and high-speed 8-meter cabin cruiser. Also for a special purpose services we produce boats longer than 12 meters.

In 2014 several new products were presented from the so-called Scandinavian series. These models have been created specifically for use in harsh marine environments. The durable, lightweight and felicitous in terms of hydrodynamics hulls have rapidly found its fame not only in the Baltics, but also in Ukraine and CIS countries. The series has become a basic core of the new brand – «TUNA». The use of plywood and plastic, which are fast aging materials, is almost completely excluded in the manufacture of these new products. Thus the owners of the boats have lower costs during the operation.

Potent power kit, complex contours with a variable deadrise and S-shaped chine, a correct hull's alignment – all these qualities provide a good stability, easy getting on plane, excellent handling in all speed range as well as during the most difficult maneuvers.

Our boats have proven themselves as reliable and undemanding watercrafts designed for outdoor activities, fishing and hunting as well as for professional purposes.

Due to the extensive dealer network our products are available for purchase in almost any region of Ukraine and Europe, as well as in the CIS countries, India and Africa.

The product quality is certified by the European CE standard.

We sincerely hope that the «TUNA» boats and powerboats and the «UMS» boat trailers will help you to make your recreation enjoyable and safe, and your work more efficient and profitable.