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Boats Tuna 800

In the stylish, bright and dynamic features of the "TUNA 800 AL" series boats – a sporty temper can be easily recognized even with a cursory glance. Built with the most optimal ratio of hull length to its beam and absorbed the best developments of our production designers, these boats do show excellent speed performance. Due to its unique strength characteristics, hulls of this series are adapted to the toughest operating conditions, and they can be equipped with engines powered up to 300 h.p. Although the "TUNA 800 AL" series boats are designed for lifeguards, water police, fisheries protection and other services whose activities are directly related to the presence in the expanses of our waters, they found their admirers among fishermen, hunters and people with an active lifestyle who cannot imagine their recreation without a friendly company on the water.

Seaworthiness of the highest level, rich standard equipment, modern sporty and stylish design, a hull practicality, extremely advantageous price compared to other European brands – all these benefits make the boat models of this series very popular in the regions with a large waterbody, whether it’s a sea, a river or reservoir.